Octo is one of the main characters in Rollerworld. He was the second of the 8 main characters to be created. He is very protective of his wife Dolly the dolphin. He is also best friends with Crusher, the owner of Turty and enemies with Nibbles. He was created by a boy named Sebastian who actually hates rollercoasters. (Is that even human?)

Octo's TraitsEdit

Likes: Pigs and Turtles

Dislikes: People and annoying rabbits named Nibbles.

Habitat:  18 Pixel Place, Rollerworld

Species: 5 legged Octopus

Age: 18

Octo FactsEdit

1. Octo is actually purple but he can change colour and prefers to be blue.

2. Octo once had horns, but they got chopped off by the evil Dr Snickers.

3. Octo only has 5 legs.